St Mary

Practice night: Wednesday

13 bells, 34-3-12 in D flat.

Total peals: 45

Total quarters: 635

Beverley is blessed with two fine rings of ten mere minutes walking distance apart.
St. Mary's 10 dates from 1900 cast by Taylors and hung in an iron H frame. The bells were rehung in early 2005 to improve the rope circle and correct some problems with odd-struckness.

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In Brief

Practices Today
North Cave (6)
Kingston upon Hull (6)
Bridlington (8)
Beverley (10)
Kirk Ella (8)
Pocklington (8)
Escrick (14)
Roos (8)

Peal Statistics
0 this year
0 Peal ringers
0 Conductors
1111 Peals rung to date
Changes rung to peals 5,637,114

Quarter Statistics
0 rung this year
0 Quarter peal ringers
0 Quarter peal conductors
5728 Quarters rung to date
Changes rung to quarters 7,414,054