General Guidelines for Bell Repair Fund applicants

In order to speed up the application process, the Bell Repair Fund has drawn up the following guidelines for grant applications.

  1. Applications
  2. We require a written application for grants. This should come from or be countersigned by the PCC, preferably by either the Chairman or Secretary or where applicable, a representative of the governing body. A faculty should be obtained if required. We will not normally consider paying a grant for work which requires a Faculty but has none.

  3. Excluded Items
  4. The grant paid does not cover the VAT element of quotations.

  5. Quotations
  6. The Bell Repair Fund Sub-Committee strongly advises obtaining more than one quotation for proposed work.

  7. Payments
  8. We reserve the right for an inspection by an appointed representative of the Society. If a grant is approved by the Society, payment will normally be made on completion of the work and when the Bell Repair Fund Sub-Committee have received all necessary documentation, including evidence of expenditure incurred.

  9. Completion
  10. Acknowledgement of receipt of grant payments would be appreciated.