St Augustine

Practice night: Monday


8 bells, 17-1-19 in E.

Total peals: 52

Total quarters: 68

Known as the 'King of Holderness' the church dominates the small town of Hedon and provides the resident who cares to listen to one of the finest eights in the country.
After the dedication in 1929 a competent authority stated 'The beauty of Hedon bells is their clarity, no one bell dominates any of the others'. Hedon bells continue to be a delight to ring to this day.

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Hutton Cranswick

St Peter

Practice night: Monday


6 bells, 19-2-6 in E.

Total peals: 15

Total quarters: 70

Hutton Cranswick bells were recast in 1949 thanks to the efforts of the Revd. George Storer R.D. (1926 - 1964) replacing three ancient bells dating from the 17th century. Recently the fifth cracked and had to be recast the money raised by the ringers, church authorities and the BnD bell repair fund.

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Kingston upon Hull

Hull Minster

Practice night: Monday


15 bells, 25-2-18 in D.

Total peals: 39

Total quarters: 94

Holy Trinity tower has recently undergone major restoration. A ring of 12 with three semitone bells provides 1 ring of 13, 1 ring of 12, 2 rings of 10, 3 rings of eight, 4 rings of 6 and 5 rings of 5 in the major and 1 ring of 12, 1 ring of 10 and 2 rings of 8 in the minor key.

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All Hallows

Practice night: Monday


6 bells, 7-2-11 in B flat.

Total peals: 31

Total quarters: 235

Walkington has had bells since about 1552 founders unknown, in 1725 two bells were recast by Seller of York and the third by Harrison of Barton in 1798. By the 1950's the bells were in a bad state of repair and the decision was made to recast, rehang and augment to six. In 1959 the work was completed and the bells rang out. This modern ring of bells go very easily and a good standard of ringing is easily achievable

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