Great Driffield

All Saints

Practice night: Friday


6 bells, 12 in F#

Total peals: 1

Total quarters: 27

These bells were out of action for over thirty years, restored with grants from the BnD and money from local benefactors the bells are once more rung full circle for services.

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All Saints

Practice night: Friday


5 bells, 9-1-1 in G.

Total peals: 10

Total quarters: 55

The church was built by the Bethal family who also gave the ring of 5 in 1904. The original 3 being moved to Long Riston. The bells were cast by Talyors and hung in a cast iron H frame. Apparantly the bells were only chimed until the forties when a band was taught at Holy Trinity. Practices are alternated with Sutton.

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Sutton on Hull

St James

Practice night: Friday


6 bells, 13-2-9 in F#

Total peals: 26

Total quarters: 142

Sutton's bells were cast in 1889 as a five by John Taylor's. The third was recast and retuned in 1890 and a new, heavier tenor added. Sutton has fostered many talented ringers over the years many of whom have gone onto greater acheivements in ringing.
Practices alternate with Rise.

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In Brief

Practices Today
Rise (5)
Sutton on Hull (6)
Great Driffield (6)

Peal Statistics
0 this year
0 Peal ringers
0 Conductors
1111 Peals rung to date
Changes rung to peals 5,637,114

Quarter Statistics
0 rung this year
0 Quarter peal ringers
0 Quarter peal conductors
5728 Quarters rung to date
Changes rung to quarters 7,414,054