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A Message from the BnD Committee

Dear Ringing Friends

At Christmas we enjoy special time with our family and friends, and this has been curtailed for many of us this year due to the necessary constraints to halt spread of the virus. As ringers, our activities are also much diminished, and so we cannot spend as much time with our “ringing families” as we traditionally would. This is obviously very disappointing and an unwelcome difference to previous years.

As we approach the end of what has been the strangest of years, we are hopefully seeing some light at the end of a long tunnel. There are still challenges to overcome, but the progress with vaccinations offers hope and assurance of a better way of life next year. The need to protect ourselves and each other is paramount, and the guidance earlier this week from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers gives a clear steer on how we should approach our ringing activities over the festive period. As was stated, now is not the time to push the boundaries.

However, within the guidelines offered, many of us will be able to engage in some form of ringing, a brief return to a variation of normality offering hope and comfort at this special time of the year. The New Year will bring new changes, perhaps slowly, but life as we know it will return. We will carry on publishing regular updates as the guidance changes, and as the time comes for us to return to tower bell ringing, the BnD Committee want to assure all members of our support to do so. Details will follow at the appropriate times of the support activities on offer for both towers and individuals, to enable a safe return to ringing.

Until that time, we wish everyone a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas. We look forward to celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Society with you, in 2021, a double celebration as we finally meet again.

Ann Hughes


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Virtual Practices

Without the opportunity of being able to ring in the current climate the society would like to invite members to virtual practices.

These will consist of conference call and ringingroom.com, if you are interested in joining a virtual practice please email to the email address below.

Regular BnD ringingroom practices are hosted at Beverley and District tower.

Ringing is currently suspended as a result of government guidance.

More detailed information is available on the Central Council website.

For details of the next Society meeting please see the Events page, which also includes other events of interest.


Church bells are maintained through generous donations to the Beverley and District Ringing Society's Bell Repair Fund. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact info@bnd.org.uk.

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21st Jul 2007
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