All Saints

Practice night: Tuesday

8 bells, 12-3-11 in F.

Total peals: 27

Total quarters: 82

Three of the bells at Roos date from the 17th century. In 1911 a new treble and tenor were cast by Taylors of Loughborough who hung the five in a single tier iron frame.
In 2012, the five were restored and rehung by Whites of Appleton and a new treble was added. It was cast by Taylors of Loughborough in 2011. The third of the six is in a new frame on an upper tier.
The first peal on the six was rung on September 30th 2012, the speed being 2h 53
The church also has a small sanctus bell hung in a turret on the roof of the nave to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

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In Brief

Practices Today
Kingston upon Hull (15)
Walkington (6)
Hedon (8)
Hutton Cranswick (6)

Next Society Ringing
Sat 12th December

Peal Statistics
3 this year
5 Peal ringers
1 Conductors
1111 Peals rung to date
Changes rung to peals 5,637,114

Quarter Statistics
59 rung this year
86 Quarter peal ringers
19 Quarter peal conductors
5724 Quarters rung to date
Changes rung to quarters 7,408,830